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Open Water Diver Course


INR: 28500


4 Days

About the Course

The SSI (Scuba Schools International) Open Water Diver course is an introductory scuba diving certification program designed to teach individuals the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to become a safe and confident scuba diver. This course is one of the most popular and recognized entry-level scuba diving certifications worldwide.

Course Overview:

The SSI Open Water Diver course consists of a combination of theory, confined water (pool) training, and open water dives. It typically spans over several days, and the exact duration can vary depending on the diving center and individual progress.

  1. Theory and Knowledge Development: Students begin by studying the principles of scuba diving through online or classroom-based learning materials. The course covers topics such as dive equipment, dive physics, physiology, decompression theory, dive planning, marine life, and environmental considerations. After completing the self-study or instructor-led lessons, students take a final exam to assess their understanding of the material.

  2. Confined Water Training: In the confined water sessions (usually conducted in a pool or controlled shallow water environment), students learn and practice essential scuba skills under the guidance of a certified SSI instructor. These skills include mask clearing, regulator recovery, buoyancy control, and emergency procedures. The confined water sessions provide a safe and controlled environment for students to build their confidence and competence in scuba diving.

  3. Open Water Dives: After mastering the necessary skills in confined water, students move on to the open water dives. Typically, the course includes a minimum of four open water dives conducted in an actual dive site, such as a lake, ocean, or quarry. During these dives, students demonstrate their abilities while exploring the underwater world, putting into practice the knowledge and skills they learned in the previous sections. They will dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet) or according to local regulations.

  4. Certification: Upon successful completion of the theory, confined water training, and open water dives, students are awarded the SSI Open Water Diver certification. This certification allows divers to rent or purchase scuba equipment, join dive trips, and dive with a buddy without the direct supervision of an instructor.

Note: While the SSI Open Water Diver course provides a comprehensive and safe introduction to scuba diving, it's essential to remember that diving involves inherent risks. Always follow the guidelines and safety protocols taught during the course and never dive beyond your training and comfort level.The SSI Open Water Diver certification is a fantastic starting point for those interested in exploring the fascinating world beneath the waves and can be a gateway to further adventures and advanced diving courses.

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